Tips For Replacing A Garage Door

Garage doors are among the most frequently used doors in a home, although neglected most of the time, therefore, making it very unsafe. Being used most of the time, a garage door begins to wear and tear. Garage doors weigh almost 400 pounds, and therefore replacing it is not that simple. It is a task that requires precaution to avoid unnecessary accidents. If you are not familiar with mechanical equipment, then you should get a professional to handle this matter. You have to take note of these tips if you want to have a smooth garage door replacement process.

Three brown garage doors

  1. The installation of a garage door is not a one-person job unless you have experience in doing so. It is better to get someone to help you to avoid getting hurt. The door is very heavy, and if it falls on you, the results will be catastrophic. The installation of garage doors results in over 1600 injuries every year. Having someone help you is, therefore, the best option to reduce the risks of getting injured.
  2. Install only quality components to your garage door. The higher the quality of the components, the safer the operation of the garage door will be. Install heavy-duty hinges and rollers with ball bearings with many struts for better floor reinforcement. This will increase the life span of its system. Springs of high quality will contribute to a safer operation.
  3. When replacing the garage doors system, make sure that you also replace the track as well. Keeping the old tracks may save you some money but will reduce your level of safety when operating the garage door. The old track may also not fit properly with the new garage door system and also affect its performance and life span.
  4. Install pinch-resistant joints on your garage door. Your fingers may be pinched or crushed when caught in between the joints of the sections. Pinch resistant joints will add to your safety in the operation of the door.
  5. Install brackets that are resistant to being tampered with. The brackets are usually placed under the garage door and experience high levels of tension. It will be very dangerous if a person with no training attempts to tighten or loosen the brackets. Their manufacturers, therefore, added hardware to make them resistant to tampering and they can only be adjusted by a professional with the manufacturers recommended tool for the job,
  6. Lubricate the nuts and bolts and ensure that they are in place. This helps in reducing the noise coming from the door. It also reduces friction and makes the moving parts of the garage door last longer. The garage door will be more stable, as well.
  7. Carry out safety maintenance once in a while if you suspect that there are some issues with the garage door. Has it checked annually to ensure that you have not overlooked any issues? Lastly, remember to keep the garage door clean after replacement. This removes the dirt and grease and ensures that the tracks are smooth.
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