How to Repair Liftmaster Garage Door

Imagine getting home when it’s raining, and you have to get your car into the garage. As usual, garage doors are heavy. This makes opening and closing them manually, quite a task. In circumstances like the one mentioned, Liftmaster garage doors come in handy. With such doors, the opening and closing of the doors are automated. With the help of a chain, belt, or screws, Liftmaster doors are more comfortable to open and close. However, just like any other doors, Liftmaster has several issues. The good news is that the manufacturer understands this. As such, the manufacturer has identified the most likely problems with Liftmaster and presents several possible solutions. From the instructions, you can fix most of these issues on your own.

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Safety Sensors Hitches

There are instances in which the door might not close. Alternatively, it could be closing partly and reopening immediately. In such cases, the first step in such a scenario id to check out the safety sensors. Usually, this results from a material blocking light between the sensors. This is simple. Just clean the lenses. There is also the possibility of cobwebs engulfing the door tracks. They are also possible to light detractors. Removing them solves the problem altogether. There are also instances that you will note some light blinking from one sensor. This indicates an alignment issue. You can correct this by adjusting the light until it shines without blanking. Another possible cause of sensors’ misalignment could be loose door tracks. This is simple, tighten the bolts.

Close/Open Hitches

Most of the functions of the Liftmaster are programmable using the remote control. If by chance, the door is not opening or closing appropriately, you can reset the capabilities of these functions. This can also be done manually using the limit dials.

Faulty Remote

For new Liftmaster door openers, the remote hardly works until it is programmed. The manufacturer provides a manual that is essential for programming. There are also instances that the remote suddenly stops working. Often, this is caused by used-up batteries. Replace the batteries.

Error Codes

Whenever you purchase a Liftmaster garage door opener, you will notice that it has an error code system. This is made up of several flashing lights. This can be solved quickly. The user manual will direct you on how to decipher the error. As such, it is essential always to keep the user manual. However, if you happen to lose the user manual, then you can access it on the Liftmaster website.

Power Issues

Another common issue with Liftmaster garage door openers is power source problems. This is very easy to find out. When your garage door is not binding when the springs are functioning normally, then you can repair this on your own. You should first check out the source of power. Ensure that the opener is plugged into a functioning outlet. Another possibility could be that the cord is damaged or just disconnected from power. You should also ensure that the circuit breaker is open. With these steps, you will be able to diagnose and address any power issue that might be bedeviling your Liftmaster garage door.

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