How To Repair Garage Door

To repair a garage door, we first have to identify the part to be fixed. The garage door consists of many different parts that can be fixed. You must carefully examine the door and all its components to identify the areas that need attention. You have to follow these simple and straight forward procedures to fix these components.

Three closed dark garage doors

  1. Check the door to ensure that the mounting brackets are tight. If they are loose, then you have to tighten the screws and bolts. Take a look at the track and ensure that it is not dented, be crimped, or have any spot that is flat. Pound the damaged spots with a rubber mallet if there is any. If they are too damaged, then you have to replace them.
  2. Ensure that the tracks are in alignment. There are both vertical and horizontal tracks. The vertical tracks should plumb, and the horizontal tracks must be slanting slightly towards the garages back. Both tracks also have to be at equal height on the walls of the garage. If you notice that the tracks are not in alignment, then you should loosen the bolts and screws that hold the mounting bracket making sure that you do not remove them. Tap the tracks carefully back to their right position then tighten the bolts and screws again.
  3. If the tracks are dirty, clean them with a strong cleaning agent to rid the dirt and dried up grease. Also, scrub the rollers with precision wipe them and also the tracks clean.
  4. Check for any hardware that is loose and tighten them as you need. If the door swings up, then check the plates with the mounted springs and to ensure that the screws are fit tightly and tighten them if they are loose. If the door is the type that rolls up, then take a look at the hinges holding the door sections together, tighten loose screws and get new hinges if there are any damaged ones. Another thing to repair is usually the sagging of the door on one side. To fix this, just service the hinges. If the holes of the screws are widened, then get longer screws with the same diameter to replace them with. Use a hollow fiber plug dipped in the glue used by carpenters. If the wood at the hinge is cracked, then remove the hinge and fill up the cracks as well as the holes of the screws with wood filler. Give the filler time to dry up then replace the hinge. If you can manage to do it, then move the hinge onto hard solid wood.

If you have a roll-up door with a single torsion spring at its center, then it is highly recommended never to try fixing it yourself, the tension of the springs is so great that the spring can hurt you badly. To avoid such risks, call a professional to repair the torsion spring.

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