How to repair garage door panel

Door panels are usually joined together in the tracks to allow the garage door to move freely up and down. Whenever damage occurs, it most likely emanates from the tightening of the bolt or rust. The damage can also be a dent, misuse, or as always, the door has served for a long time. The latter makes the door weak and due for replacement. Adequate door replacement can be achieved by choosing the right door repair company. The company should also have an experienced workforce. Some of the considerations that should be made include the appearance of the previous door. This helps in ensuring that the door does not deviate from the previous model.

White garage doors and the car

While repairing the garage door panel, you should seek advice on the latest repair methods and materials from the experts. Alternatively, you should hire professionals. They are more familiar and experienced with the task. Below are a few things the expert has to follow for the task to be accomplished.

Order the panel

After determining the type of the panel and its model, the technician should order the panel that has the feature of the damaged one. This step is imperative because it ensures that the door fits well. The market is also awash with suitable alternatives. This helps a great deal when the previously used panel cannot be found in the market. However, if a similar panel is not in the market, then the manufacturer should be consulted to help out.

Remove the panel

While removing the old panel, the technician should be keen on the task. The technician should be cautious not to break the new panel. In the process, the garage door has to be opened manually, and the springs removed slowly. In the cases of automatic garage door openers, they should be unplugged before the new fittings are done. This has to be done since it can lock the technician inside and cause the injuries and damage the new panel. However, some garage door panels are placed at the top; hence when the repair has to be done; then the other panels have to be removed step by step until the damaged one is located.

Replace the panel

The new panel is placed on the roller then lowered until it reaches the panel below. The panel should be attached to the immediate one by the use of either screws or bolts. This depends on the type of garage door. Ensure the panels are orderly retained in their original place. Confirm if all the springs are in their respective holes. Remember that the door opener was removed. After all the fittings are done, the garage door opener should be reinstalled and tested. Make sure the repaired panel retains its original place. Confirm if the fittings are in their rightful place by checking if the door panel moves up and down easily.


After all the replacements are done, the door panels might look different in color. The best way to go about this is to repaint the whole garage door panel.

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