How to repair garage door opener

To you, a garage door opener may appear technical to repair in case of malfunctions. After reading the article below, you will realize that you no longer need a technician to some extent, to do the repairs for your garage door opener.

Closed insulated garage doors

These are the steps involved:

  1. You can start by checking the plug and confirming if into the working outlet the opener’s cord is plugged because it is also one of the factors which can cause the garage door not to open.
  2. Check if the garage door lock has been activated. This is because, in some cases, you may find that it had been locked by the owner and thereafter not remembered to inactivate it. Many people, however, fail to think of that as a cause of the malfunctioning.
  3. Test the garage door opener several times by plugging it in and out repeated times since, at times; this may help to reset the sensor.
  4. Sometimes the problem may even be with the batteries of the remote control opener, either damaged or not well inserted and not the garage door opener itself and so you can check on them and buy new batteries if necessary.
  5. Check on your remote. It might be the problem that is disabling the garage door from opening. In this case, you can do reprogramming of the remote using the tips clearly outlined in the owner’s manual.
  6. Confirm whether the plugging in of the beam sensor is done correctly and, if not, do so.
  7. Using a wet cloth cleans the sensor’s eye since by being dirty, it prevents the motor from accessing signal making it unable to turn on. The sensor is found in front of the on and off button on the remote control. Regular cleaning of the sensor minimizes problems.
  8. Confirm whether the chain is loose or broken and if so, then it needs to be repaired and therefore, may need the attention of an electrician.
  9. In case all the attempts so far fail to work, then you can operate it manually. In most cases, a red release cord may be pulled to let the door free for manual opening and closing. For older systems, however, the case may be different. Instead of the red release, there could be a handle that is pulled down or even a spring-loaded clip. It can also be done by removing the bolts on the arm between the opener and the door to loosen them.
  10. The final step now, which turns out to be the only option left is to seek assistance by either contacting the department of services of the place where you purchased the garage door unit or contacting an electrician.

What you need

  • Owner’s manual
  • Batteries for the remote control
  • Optical electrician
  • A wet cloth
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