Reasons your garage door may not close

Garage door problems arise from time to time as the door is constantly in operation. However, anticipating a garage door repair can sometimes be devastating due to the costs involved in the repair and replacement of damaged parts. When you attempt to close your door, and it fails to do so, it could be a signal of major or minor door problem. Some of these problems can be fixed by a DIY, while others may require a professional. The top reasons that may stop your door from closing are discussed here.

Closed white garage door

Dead transmitter batteries

Transmitter controls work best when fitted with powerful or new batteries. Ensure your transmitter battery is changed regularly as old batteries will not work and may ruin the transmitter system. Remove the battery and replace it with new sets and try closing your garage door again. If the door does not close with the new batteries in place, the problem could not be the battery. Inspect the door for other issues.

Misaligned track

Bad weather such as storms, strong wind, and poor door handling may cause the door tracks to misalign.

Misaligned photo-eye

Your door transmitter has a small photo-eye through which signals are transmitted to your door opener. If this is blocked or misaligned, the signals will not transmit to your door, and the door will not close.

Transmitter or opener issues

The transmitter and or opener may have system issues that may cause them to malfunction. When this happens, the signals will not be generated or transmitted to your door, and as such, the door will not close.

Broken springs

Springs are an imperative part of your garage door. When they get broken, the door will not close safely. Broken springs may cause the door to fall down dangerously as opposed to safely rolling down, and this should be carefully handled. If you suspect the problem to be a broken spring, do not attempt a DIY on the door.

Poorly set garage door limit

When the garage door limits are poorly set, the door may not close up properly and may sometimes begin to close and open up again. If this is the issue with your door, engage a professional to adjust the settings for better door functionality.

Something is blocking the door

The garage door rolls down or up while in operation. When an object falls or lies on the way of the door, it will block it from either opening or closing safely. Ensure you check your door track carefully to ensure there is no object. Broken spring or spring parts can also lie on the door tracks and block it from closing. If you suspect this could be dangerous to handle, call for professional door service.

Your garage door is locked

When your garage door is locked as a security measure so that it does not fall off accidentally, the door will not close. This should be checked before attempting to close the door as forceful closing will destroy the lock mechanism of your garage door.

Tension springs or cables are broken

Tension springs and cables are the key features of the door that helps it to pull up or down. When the tension springs and cables garage door is broken, it can be very dangerous and fatal for you and your family. If you identify this as the issue stopping your door from closing, urgently call an expert to check and rectify this issue professionally.

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