How to operate your garage door when the power is out?

For electric garage door users, there is nothing as bad as power going out, and you want to open your garage door, and you are stuck because you don’t know how to operate it without power. Fortunately, some garage doors can actually be used without power; it is quite simple. Using a bypass that electric and automatic garage doors have, you can be able to open the garage door manually. This can also help if you lose your remote. This bypass will disconnect the door from the power-consuming carriage, but it still functions even after the disconnection. When power comes back on, you can lock the bypass and be able to use the garage door normally again. Get a ladder and place it under the chain operating the garage door. Look for a red cable hanging from the chains bracket. The cord should have a plastic knob that is red in color.

Electric garage door

Use the knob to jerk the knob. The cable is connected with a small lever. Pull the cable until the lever locks in a down position. Climb down from the ladder after this, get a hold of the garage door with both of your hands and pull up. If the door does not move, then you will have to pull the cable harder until it unlocks. The door may be too heavy for you to lift on our own, so you should get some assistance if necessary. Once the door has been lifted off the ground, do not let go under any circumstances. In this state, it is free on the track, and it will fall down if you let go. Let someone hold it open for you while you drive your car either in or out. Better yet, you can find something strong to hold it in place. When done with the door, bring it down carefully with your hands.

Pull the cable hard again to lock it in position after the power comes back online. Pull the cable and observe as the bracket slips right back into the chain bracket, which locks the door in power mode. Try opening the door using the remote, and if it does not open but the chain moves, then pull the chain again until the bracket is locked. Test it again and pull cable again if it is required to lock it.

An important tip

Always keep the chains and the rollers of your garage door lubricated. This enables the door to move quietly, and the moving parts and its chain will last longer as friction is greatly reduced. Remember to check your manual before making any changes to your door.

For your safety, never pull the bypass cable if the garage door is stuck in an open position. The door will slide down with great force enough to destroy anything in its path. The garage door is dangerous if precaution is not taken while using them, so be careful in the process.

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