How to keep a garage door in good condition

Keeping a garage door healthy and in good condition, all the time reduces your door repair and maintenance costs while ensures your garage security is guaranteed. Always be sure to get appropriate help when it comes to garage door health checks as the mechanics may sometimes be complicated to be handled by a non-expert in a do it yourself process. The following criteria can be used to keep a garage door in good status.

Good condition of a garage door

Inspect the nuts and bolts regularly

Inspection of door nuts and bolts is better done on a mostly basis to ensure this hardware is kept tight. Regular opening and closing of doors may loosen or cause the nuts and bolts to shift. When this happens, the door hinges, roller track brackets, or door trims and frames will become loose over time and reduce the efficiency of the door. When efficiency is compromised, door workability consumes more time and energy, and this may result in lost income or even accidents in your garage.

Ensure the rollers are in shape

Door rollers are constantly used by your door as long as your garage remains in operation. They can crack or even break depending on how long they have been in us or even the pressure exerted on them by the door itself. Inspect your door rollers regularly and replace broken ones. Replacement rollers are always available in a local store and come with a simple do it yourself guide.

While fixing the rollers, be sure to check the roller tracks as well. These tracks could be blocked by debris or even rusted clogging the rollers and thus getting the garage door jammed. Clean the tracks using a brush. Also, check if the track is bent, worn, or looks pinched. You may need a professional to fix the problem if the damage is extreme.


A garage door may be exposed to poor environmental conditions, which may make them stick or make squeaky noise during operation. Lubricating movable door parts such as hinges, rollers, and door locks improve the lifespan of your garage door.

Test your door regularly and fix noted problems

Conducting these tests helps you identify problems with your garage door, and thus the problems can be resolved earlier before they cause injury on a customer or staff.

For doors with automatic reversal systems, conduct monthly checks on the door reversal system to ensure it works properly. You can do this by placing an object on the doorway or holding the bottom of your garage door while it closes. If the door fails to stop and reverse quickly, adjust the force set to a lighter number, or engage a professional in case you notice an irregularity. This will ensure your garage door does not close on a worker, a customer, or even a vehicle.

Keep the door balanced

Keeping your garage door balanced keeps you safe and also keeps the door from unintended bangs that occur when the door is left to close by itself. Perform this check by opening the door halfway and leaving the handle. If the door stays there, it is well balanced. For doors with springs, adjust the spring if the door rises back or closes up automatically.

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