Easy garage door inspection

As a garage door owner, you need to do an inspection as regularly as possible. This helps you to notice whenever there is a problem with your garage door and solve it immediately.

New insulated garage doors

The following could give you guidance on how to carry out an inspection:

  1. Confirm that the door has its weight uniformly distributed and that none of the sides is weightier than the other, because this may cause difficulties while opening the garage door.
  2. Check whether the emergency release cord is functioning well. Try pulling it to check whether it can let the door free for manual operation.
  3. Check on the extension springs and try if they are worn out and need replacement. In case any is broken, do not attempt operating the door until the replacements are done.
  4. Check whether the torsion springs are well attached to the torsion tube and, if not, contact a technician and do not operate the door yet because this will interfere with the normal operation of the door.
  5. Check if the door bearings are well pressed onto the cones and also check whether they have cracks or they are wearing out.
  6. Also, check whether the torsion rod has warped or whether there are any signs of wear on them.
  7. Ensure the cables are well connected and their drums tightened as well.
  8. Confirm that no cable is fraying and that they are all in good condition.
  9. Check for any signs of wear on the pulleys and, if any, make necessary arrangements to contact a technician.
  10. Confirm whether the track can clamp and unclamp with the door without any obstruction and ensure there is an alignment.
  11. Confirm that the rollers have no crack and that the door is sliding up and down smoothly without any hindrance.
  12. Check whether the weather seals are worn out or need replacement.
  13. Check whether the struts are in good condition.
  14. Confirm that the hinges are not broken and that there is no weight bias in any of the sides for purposes of preventing any further crisis.
  15. Check whether any garage door panel is sagging or whether there are any cracks.
  16. Check whether the sensor’s eye is clean because the signal that turns the motor will be blocked, in case it is dusty.
  17. Confirm whether the chain is properly placed, and if it is broken or loose, then it needs to be repaired by a technician.
  18. Plug and unplug the door opener to check if it is properly functioning.
  19. Confirm that the trolley is running smoothly without any distractions.
  20. Confirm whether the opening and closing of the door are consistent when switched on and off.
  21. Test whether the remote control is functioning and also check the batteries well in case there could be a need for any replacements.
  22. Confirm that the brackets are secure and tightened properly.
  23. Confirm that the bolts are well tightened and that none is loose.
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