Brand new look of your garage door without replacing

Wondering how you can revitalize your old or tarnished garage door without doing a major replacement? Garage doors are your home exterior entry points and are, therefore, constantly exposed to bad weather and external forces such as kicks. Doing a repair on broken or worn out door parts may not be as costly as replacing the whole door set. Such repair works can also return the lost glory to your garage doors when properly and professionally executed. Consider the options available here and make a decision on which options are friendly to your pocket and weather around your home.

Brand new look of light grey garage door


Paint up the door with a new décor

Old garage doors can sometimes look rusty as a result of mold or rot factors settling on the door over time. These doors are also exposed to dust, and this completely tarnishes the initial design and paintings on your garage door. Applying a new paint gives your door a completely new look and is actually cheaper than whole door replacement. Always be sure to scrub molds and thoroughly clean the door using soap and machine washer for better results.

Use embellishments to update the look of your garage door

Decide on the design you prefer by considering your home exteriors, preferences of your family members, and the cost of preferred embellishments. Once you have made a decision on the design you want, buy, and install the embellishments. You can also add vinyl sidings and panel overlays or just be creative and use varying materials that fit the design that you desire.

Always remember to do early research or ask the workers at the local hardware on how to properly install the embellishments and overlays so that your home improvement project does not turn into a catastrophe.

Depending on the materials you choose, repainting or adding embellishments on your garage door will help you create a gorgeous design that fully blends with the environment and returns glory to your visitors and family members.

Advantages and disadvantages

Painting or adding embellishments on your rusty garage door can be a DIY, or you can engage a professional if you are going to think twice about getting dirty. However, a DIY do idea will definitely save you time and money. It is fun to do and can be a great bonding opportunity for your family. However, you are on a mission to improve the face of your garage, and therefore this activity must be well researched in order that you do not end up ruining your garage door.

If you realize that you have a complex garage door with more complicated features and you are not experienced in DIY door repair or painting, engage a professional to assist. These people are trained in such services and are up to date with emerging designs and materials that will give your door a completely new look.

What to consider

Before you begin your remodeling project, consider your budget, the materials you want to use, the overall design of the house attached to your garage, the functionality of your garage door and the added value your enhancing features brings to your home just in case you decide to sell it out.

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