Reasons why your garage door is off the tracks

Garage doors are a business facility features that are constantly used to access the premise by staff, customers, and vehicles. These doors are therefore exposed to many more door track challenges, including doors falling off the track. This may have occurred on your garage door occasioning a repair by a do it yourself or by a professional door repair technician. However, this problem may become recurrent on your garage door for some reasons.

Garage door in big house

Your door tracks are worn out

Old and worn out door tracks are a major predisposing factor that keeps driving your doors off the track. Worn out door tracks cannot be repaired but should be replaced in order to provide better groves for your garage door to slide more efficiently.

Tracks that are misaligned

When the bolts holding the horizontal tracks loosen as a result of door vibrations, they may cause the brackets to wobble. When this happens, the door begins to roil more erratically and can easily fall off the tracks.

When you install a door with weak horizontal tracks, any slight impacts on the garage door can cause the tracks to bend, which may finally cause the door to fall. It is therefore recommended that stronger high-quality horizontal tracks of 14-gauge steel should be used. These should then be reinforced by an L-shaped angle iron in order to prevent twisting.

When the lift cable is broken

You may have purchased an old garage space, and you want to fix up issues with your business before your operations can run. Old or broken lift cables may be the reason why your garage door is off the track again. When this happens to your door, up, you need to find and complete a fix immediately in order to return the door to the track for improved security as well as door functionality.

Bad weather

Heavy storms may sometimes come with strong winds that may keep throwing your garage door off the tracks. This will generally occur when the door frame is weak and does not tightly fit on the track. Such doors require safety assessments to establish where the issue is as well as to rectify the problem causing it.

Strong winds also deposit debris on your garage door tracks, and this accumulation raises your door panels above the tracks, making it susceptible to misalignments. The misalignment will automatically cause the door to jump off the track again.

During winter, moisture or water droplets may freeze on your garage door tracks and block the door panel out. This way, when you attempt to move the door, it may jump out of the track accidentally. Ensure the track is free from water during cold seasons.

Poor door repair services

If your garage door has a history of misalignments that caused it to fall off the track before and you engaged a non-expert to do the repair or if you did the DIY without expert knowledge, this problem will definitely recur. Attempting a DIY without professional experience wastes time and exposes your garage operators to more safety issues preventable by engaging an expert.

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